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Article: 5 Summer Colors for a Perfect Manicure!

Guida Completa ai Consigli di Nail Art: Trasforma le Tue Unghie in Opere d'Arte

5 Summer Colors for a Perfect Manicure!


Summer has finally arrived and what could be better to welcome it than a lively and colorful manicure? Semi-permanent nail gels are the ideal solution for having flawless nails that last a long time. In this article, we will explore some of the trendiest summer colors for gel nails, which will make you feel on top during the hot summer days.

1. Vibrant Coral Red:
Coral red is a perfect choice for summer, as it recalls the bright and warm shades of summer sunsets. This eye-catching color will give your nails an elegant and sophisticated look, perfect for a night out on the beach or a summer party.

2. Bright Orange:
Orange is a bold and cheerful color that evokes the energy and vibrancy of summer. Opt for a vibrant, shimmery shade that will grab everyone's attention. Orange nails are perfect for a fun and carefree look during summer days.

3. Sunny Yellow:
Yellow is a sunny color that brings joy and happiness. Choose a light, bright shade to give your nails a fresh, summery look. Yellow is perfect for combining it with neutral-toned outfits or for creating a lively contrast with pastel-colored dresses.

4. Refreshing Mint Green:
Mint green is one of the most loved colors of summer. This cool, refreshing shade conjures up images of ice-cold lemonades and summer breezes. Apply the mint green semi-permanent nail gel on your nails for a sweet and feminine look that will capture the summer spirit.

5. Tropical Blue:
Tropical blue evokes the color of the ocean and tropical vacations. Choose a bright and vibrant shade of blue for your nails that will make you feel like you are on vacation every time you look at your mani. Blue is a versatile color that pairs well with many other summery shades.

Experiment with the summer colors of semi-permanent gel nails to transform your hands into a trendy work of art. Summer is the perfect time to be daring with bright and cheerful colors that capture the joyful spirit of the season. Choose from vibrant coral red, bright orange, sunny yellow, refreshing mint green and tropical blue for an unforgettable summer manicure. Enjoy the summer in style and let your nails shine under the sun!

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