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Article: How to apply semi-permanent nail polish | COMPLETE GUIDE

Come applicare lo smalto semipermanente | GUIDA PER ESPERTI

How to apply semi-permanent nail polish | COMPLETE GUIDE

What is needed to apply the semi-permanent

To do a semi-permanent manicure at home you need some basic products to always keep with you. If you don't have anything yet, we recommend buying a kit that includes everything you need. In fact, you will need:

  • an orange stick cuticle pusher and a file
  • a four-sided brick
  • a UV, LED or dual technology lamp
  • a degreaser, or cleaner, to clean the nail before and after
  • of cotton pads
  • a primer to prepare the nail and improve the duration of the enamel
  • a base coat
  • a topcoat
  • nail polish in your favorite colors
  • a remover to remove the nail polish

How to apply semi-permanent at home

To become a true semi-permanent nail polish professional and make it last as long as possible, you have some steps to follow. You'll see, it will seem complicated at first – we've all been there! – but slowly you will get the hang of it and it will become easier and easier.
Start by doing a normal manicure, softening the cuticles, pushing them down and cleaning the nail with the brick (or buffer). Don't forget to file your nails to the length and shape you prefer.
Degrease the nail by soaking a piece of cotton or using one of the special ready-to-use pads.
Apply a coat of primer , then let it air dry. At this point you are ready to start the real semi-permanent manicure , the first of your life!

Following the steps well is essential to obtain a perfect manicure

Apply a light base coat: be very careful not to go beyond or even touch the cuticles, otherwise, when you dry the polish while polymerizing in the lamp, it will lift to the sides. If you happen to touch the cuticles don't worry: remove the excess with a cherry stick and then put your hand in the lamp. Cure for 60 seconds.
After 60 seconds you can apply the first layer of nail polish , but be careful, the principle is the same: never touch the cuticles and remove any excess. Pass your hand in the lamp for 60 seconds and repeat the operation with another layer of nail polish, finally apply the top coat always with the same principle.
Once the top coat has dried in the lamp, always for one minute, you must degrease the nails with the cleaner or with the appropriate pads. Now your manicure is ready!

Is DIY semi-permanent nail polish really easy?

No. The first few times it may not cure , it may not last long ... everything is normal, you have to learn! As we said above, we've all been there and sometimes we still make mistakes. The important thing is to always choose quality products and take the time to respect each step. Sometimes the nails are more oily, sometimes more "dry", sometimes it depends on the pigment of the colors, some catalyze before, others later. Sometimes it also depends on the shape of the nails and how they are placed under the lamp! Therefore, don't be discouraged: if the first time isn't perfect, you'll see that the second time will already be much better.

Here are some tips for applying semi-permanent nail polish well

In addition to the advice we have already given you, and that is to be careful not to touch the cuticles so that the semi-permanent nail polish does not lift once polymerised, we also give you another tip: when you apply the second layer of nail polish, "seal" the tips . What does it mean? First apply the polish to the tips of the nails, horizontally, to make it last longer, and then pass it over the entire nail.
Finally, perhaps trivial but invaluable advice, which many do not think of the first time! In what order do you apply the nail polish? We advise you to do a whole hand first and above all to do the four fingers excluding the thumb, starting to apply the semi-permanent from the index: in fact, the little finger is often curved and in the time that you finish the other fingers it could run! Index, middle, ring and little fingers and then a minute under the lamp. Then do the thumb. It takes you an extra minute but especially if you have a rounded nail bed, it's the best way to avoid smudges and drips and have an impeccable manicure!

Now you know how to apply semi-permanent nail polish comfortably at home, all you have to do is get yourself a DIY manicure kit and try it! We also recommend reading our article on how to remove semi-permanent nail polish without a file and without damaging your nails.

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