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Article: What you need to apply semi-permanent nail polish at home

Il Kit Completo per una Manicure Semipermanente Perfetta a Casa

What you need to apply semi-permanent nail polish at home

Semi-permanent nail polish is the perfect alternative to traditional nail polish for all those who want a longer lasting result and endless shine. Are you determined to make your semi-permanent manicure at home but don't know what you need?
Don't worry: in this article we will explain what you need to apply semi-permanent nail polish correctly without forgetting any step: from nail preparation to the final touch with the top coat, we reveal everything!

Nail preparation

Preparing the nails is essential to obtain a flawless and long-lasting semi-permanent manicure . If it's important for normal nail polish , it's even more important for semi-permanent nail polish because it allows the product to adhere well to the nail and not come off. A well done manicure lasts up to three weeks without any failure!

To prepare your nails you will need:

  • Orange wood sticks to push the cuticles: you will need them to free the nail from the cuticles without having to cut them
  • A file that allows you to file your nails to the size you prefer and the shape that suits you best – squared, rounded, pointed, oval. Remember to always file in one direction only, avoiding back and forth movements as you risk making your nails more fragile
  • A polishing brick to smooth nails and clean them after filing them. In this way the nail will be clean, regular and free from any residue.

Following these steps will allow you to apply semi-permanent nail polish better and make it last longer!

What do you need to put semi-permanent nail polish

The degreaser or cleaner for semi-permanent nail polish

Before starting to create the real manicure you need to degrease the nails to remove any residues. You will also need the cleaner at the end, after the top coat, to remove the greasy patina and make your nails shine.

The primer for semi-permanent nail polish

The primer looks like a nail polish but is actually a liquid used to prepare the nails so that the semi-permanent nail polish adheres well. Buy it especially if your nails are very healthy and hydrated, because that means you'll need to use it to create a patina before applying the base. The primer dries in the air and absolutely must not be cured in a lamp.

The importance of the base in the application of semi-permanent nail polish

Before applying the semi-permanent nail polish it is essential to apply the base, for two reasons: the first is obviously that the nail polish will last longer, the second is that any nail polish can stain the nail with its pigments. It is therefore better to apply the base, being very careful not to touch the cuticles otherwise air will enter and the enamel will not hold. Of course you have to put it under the lamp just like nail polish, for a couple of minutes.

Your favorite gel polish colour

As you can imagine, nail polish is the highlight of your semi-permanent manicure ! Choose the one you prefer, maybe start with a nice red, or buy a kit or box that contains more colors so you can change when you feel like it, or maybe make different hands and feet! The enamel must be applied in two coats, both to be polymerized for 120 seconds in the lamp and always taking care not to touch the cuticles.

Use the top coat after the semi-permanent nail polish

To finish the semi-permanent manicure it is essential to use a top coat: it will allow the nail polish to last longer and remain brilliant. A single pass and a passage under the lamp is enough to finish the job.

Remove semi-permanent nail polish with solvent

Removing semi-permanent nail polish takes longer than classic nail polish, but don't worry: don't use the file, so you won't damage your nails. In fact, to remove it, you just need the solvent, which you need to keep on for about a quarter of an hour. Apply it on pads or cotton disks which you will then place on your nails, closing everything with aluminum foil so that it is in good contact with the nail polish. At this point you will see that the enamel will come off by itself, at most you will have to clean the residues with the polishing brick.

Now that you know what you need to create a semi-permanent manicure at home, all you have to do is get to work! You can also take a look at our already complete kits.

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